2008 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 vs. 2008 Ford Shelby GT500KR

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  • drfaticus
    the GT500 is a stock mustang from the factory,that ***** the CRAPMARO.
  • beastmodeclick1082
    @1vdn992 The Shelby GT500 is NOT factory stock. Shelby isn’t affiliated with the name brand Ford. Also, Ford’s Mustang GT couldn’t beat the SS heads up without the help of a blower (until 2011 GT which is pretty good). I suggest you know what you are talking about
  • exoticlown
    Gotta love Chevy, Can’t wait for the Z28 to come out, Ford people got mad when the SS Camaro beat the GT fair and square, and in order to beat the SS, was to put it against their GT-500, and yet the SS still came RIGHT there with it and barley lost, the Z28 is going to come out, and EAT every mustang out there.
  • pimpakaike3
    pleas siign up here —–> sign up please would mean a lot please
  • Glennfalconi
    Wow! I love that obvious sound of the supercharger in this car! WEHHHHH
  • 1vdn992
    @beastmodeclick1082 Since you lack research skills, you must know that Hennessey used 98 octane in the HPE550 vs GT500 test, and the Hennessey is a Tuner, while the Shelby is factory stock, among other details.
    The Shelby Mustang used PUMP GAS, and the reason they did that, obviously to anyone with a brain, is because they know they can’t beat the Ford in a fair competition, so they cheat.
  • gigamafligg88
    @hisandherturbo *Sigh* The 2008-2009 gt500 kr was a limited production (1576 US units) collectors car meant as a throwback to the 1968 shelby gt500kr. This is the reason for its high price-tag. Also SAI (Shelby AI) is the manufacturer on record NOT Ford. So, apparently you need to tell Shelby to stop trying to produce highly collectible versions of the mustang that you Chevy dolts (isn’t that their new car?) delusionally think are trying to compete with the corvette
  • hisandherturbo
    @beastmodeclick1082 good point……….. maybe the mag was just looking for production cars vs production cars……. I dunno, but that would be a better comparison…… the weird thing about the market is as soon as you go above the SS and GT nothing lines up “right”, ford is missing some cars, and chevy has too many.
  • beastmodeclick1082
    @hisandherturbo Hennessey performance Camaro’s perhaps? The HPE550 (which beat the GT500 on several occasions).
  • hisandherturbo
    @beastmodeclick1082 OK, so what would you compare a 540hp, 80K car against? since you can’t compare it to a less priced, less HP ‘vette? Should we compare it to the V6 camero? would that make it look good? LOL, jk, I totaly agree with you, you can’t compare them…….. so tell ford to quit making a mustang in the same hp and price range then……..
  • beastmodeclick1082
    @hisandherturbo yeah, well bottom line…you don’t put a Mustang against a ‘Vette…its an insult.
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