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Audi 2008 A8 por Edmunds' L?nea interior

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Para el art?culo completo: Audi 2008 A8 @ Francfort: con su construcci?n del espacio-marco del todo-aluminio, sistema sofisticado del all-wheel-drive de Quattro, suspensi?n adaptante del aire y W12 motor disponible, Audi' el S.A. 8 est? todo sobre alta tecnolog?a. Y la custodia del A8 en el filo tecnol?gico es cr?tica para Audi.

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  1. this guy i know his dad just bought this car cost about 65k i haven’t seen it yet but am going go joy riding with him.. not sure what package it is but am pretty sure there is some nice tech’s on the car.

  2. My mother drives a 2010.

  3. its not whats inside of a car that’s supposed to make it feel special.. its the history of the car, its engineering, its advancement in automotives depends not on stupid entertainment items, but on its engineering. true engineering starts at audi:]

  4. bmw and audi all the way, not so much benz 🙁

  5. We’ll you’re asking that question on the wrong place…!
    If it’s a BMW fan he’ll say buy BMW, if it’s a MB fan he’ll say buy MB…ur getting my point!
    Me personally as a huge Audi fan would recommend that u must choose the Audi..!
    It’s up to you and what are you looking for…is it power, ride comfort, sportiness or a perfect balance of all three!!
    I’m recommending Audi S8 for the ultimate excitement, and if you wait for two more years the new S8 V10 5.2 with 620hp will be here! :):D

  6. c?mico FA su no VW it' s pose?do por ellos y Porsche

  7. when in doubt,always go for the benz!!

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