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1913 Chevrolet

RetroRacer13 asked:

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  1. damn there were old ppl back then?

  2. LOL! I love Hiram and his cigar in his brand spankin’ new car!

  3. @1968DodgePolara I don’t think they would have
    given him a new car unless that old one was worth
    something to them, it must be in a museum then and

  4. The driver is always aircooled in summer…and in winter 🙂

  5. Cars are not what they used to be.. Try to keep a car for 25 years nowadays!

  6. Old people are the same… Even over 70 years ago…

  7. I bet the people in 1937 took and crushed the beautiful 1913 chevy for him.

  8. @Caesaurus hehehe you cracked me up with the masonic handshake :-))

  9. Man 250K now and all the dealer gives you is $500 for your trade and 25% interest on a loan…

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