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2007 Mazda CX-7 AWD Grand Touring by Edmunds’ Inside Line

InsideLineVideo asked:

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  • CX 7

24 Comentarios

  1. Optimale Spitze!
    Dr John
    Kingdom of Thailand

  2. I like this car, but it really reminds me of the Ford Edge.

  3. This Review Sucks,didn’t mentione abt the fuel economy?

  4. This Video ***** again didn’t mention about the exact fuel economy?

  5. its a fast car, dont be confused. If youre not light with the gas, and you go past 2500 rpm, the turbo kicks in and you definitely feel it!

  6. wtf are u talking about?

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  8. ini mah Suv semi sedan

  9. is it a kind of SUV?

  10. I where driving this at work and where surprised how quick it was 🙂

  11. Made in Japan, always good also German’s
    esp compare with other Asian products like Chinese or Korean products.

  12. My sister just got this car. And loves it. :))

  13. i want this car 🙂

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