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2009 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 / Z06 / ZR1

CARandDRIVER asked:

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  1. @bud385 it’s heavy as ****.

  2. @SClassFinalFlash LOL..LOL…WUT???

  3. Ha. You can buy a base non-Z51/Grand Sport manual trans Vette and mod it into any of the other three models. This is with the exception of the aluminum frame of course.

  4. @SClassFinalFlash Sure you do.
    Whoever the **** thumbed up this comment, is a gullible idiot, however, I am not, you probably drive an ACR Neon, and if you raced a 305 Vette from the 70’s with it, you’d get your *** handed to you.

  5. Z06 looks the best

  6. twoZkingRvette1fast

    aha the z51 most livable… ur not living till your in a zr1

  7. @SClassFinalFlash you barely beat a car with over 100 less HP what’s that tell you about the boat you’re driving?

  8. @AnimepimpYT
    You cant **** a car that weighs 3,300LBS and has 638HP, you just cant.

  9. zo6 engine is HOT AND **** I LOVE IT .. chek in youtube twin supercharged zo6 .. its so hot

  10. @ER00s z51 = good on the roads, okay on the track, zo6 = okay on the road, good on the track. zr1=better than z51 on the road, better than zo6 on the track

  11. @ER00s They tell that i nthe clip. Did you even watch it?

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