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2009 Mazda MX-5 Miata Walk Around.

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  1. Love the color in combination with the bright top 🙂

  2. Thx for the tour. Nice colour combination.

  3. I still perfer the soft top. Kinda sad that most of them are PRHTs now =\

  4. if you prepare to pause at 2:10 when the cam passes the rear view mirror you can see how creepy he looks.

  5. Why does the car seem cooler when it’s parked crooked? haha

  6. What a nice looking car and another proven winner from Mazda, I have a RX8 GT which I absolutely love, I did look at the MX-5, really liked it but the deal I got on my RX8 was too good to pass up, but this car in the video is a real gem.

  7. this a great cart. 🙂

  8. outside the front and back of my house there are mx5s

  9. cool miata! Is it a Grand touring?

  10. @caseman86 No, in fact, I think you’ll find most people everywhere are younger than their fathers.


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