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2011 Chevrolet Corvette – Still Building Rockets

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  1. @condorlacey65 Please e-mail me if you have a GT-R and want to race my Camaro, bring cash.

  2. @59C1R Did you by chance happen to be high as **** when you wrote this? Or do you just not know what a GT-R is?

  3. Well, I’ve got a *****.

  4. @kylebst264 You mean the 1970’s. I have had several nice c4’s and they are not rattle traps. Had a c3 once…….once

  5. @SHREDpHoBiA I beat a GT-R with my non-nitrous 95 LT1 Camaro that runs 11’s. GT-Rs are all hype, no-go.

  6. I saw this commercial in a theater, and I swear it was tim allens voice doing the commercial… for some reason on here its a different guy.

  7. i almost creamed myself at 35 seconds in lol

  8. The sound of the LS9 motor is pure symphony. Hard on the throttle and that sound gives me chills.

  9. @LS7TT Oh really? You really want to see a Z06 with nos get beat by a stock GT-R?

  10. God Bless the USA!

  11. @mr2ya «if that were the case more people would have bought» Really? is that why if you want to get a a new ZR1 there is a 4 month minimum wait time?

  12. the zo6’s ls7 is only 450 pounds

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