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Chevrolet Cruze review

Motorscouk asked:

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  1. @Greendude33 old school or what? fwd still is getting 6’s in the 1/4. The only thing it can’t do is drift. If your really racing you don’t want to drift. Old school people think fwd can’t handle it, but it can.

  2. We need an SS model quick. Faster then the Honda Si and handles better.

  3. @tornadostorm18
    The reason they are getting rid of the Cobalt is that it is a little to small for the catagory its competing in.. The Civic and Corolla, and Elantra are a little larger.
    I deliver bulk material into the GM plant that is casting and machining the 1.4L engine for the Cruze and Volt. It’s a really small block.. they chose cast iron for it to keep the block small in size but retain the strength it will need for turbo charging.

  4. the cluchte is real hard on the manual!!!!

  5. @tornadostorm18 No matter what badge it wears FWD and lots of power just doesnt mix.

  6. @kens97sto171 I do care about every dollar I spend. My cobalt ss is a lot cheaper on every level compared to my pontiac except the car payment. And your right the federal standards are the reason they changed it. That is why I am also mad at the government. 41 mpg is great, but they already have the aveo. Again 41 mpg is good too, but why get rid of the cobalt that was getting 36-37 ***?

  7. @derbydriver 2 hp is not increasing power in any way that matters. Even if it is a way nicer build I have zero problems with my car now so why does that matter? Why get rid of a car that has sold millions and start from scratch? They shouldn’t have replaced the cobalt so soon.

  8. @Greendude33 Really???? Do some research on the ecotec engines. There are 1400hp 2.0 engines. Many 600 hp reliable builds. Cheaper than v8s

  9. @kharper39 Opel is a part of which company? GM. Yes.

  10. @derbydriver That is because the Cruze was not designed or built by G.M.. Opel designed and built this car for chevy..

  11. @tornadostorm18

    There isn’t a Cruze SS, why would you compare a standard model Cruze against a performance model Cobalt? The turbo isn’t intended for performance in this case, it’s intended to increase power while keeping fuel economy high. I’m sure we can expect a performance SS model soon enough.

    Also, the Cruze is WAY nicer and better built than the Cobalt. Hands down. You’d have to be blind and numb to not know that, after having sat in one and driven one.

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