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Chevrolet Silverado HD – Boat

chevrolet asked:

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  1. ChattyChelsea745

    The boats operated by lady luck charters in Valdez, Alaska. Its owned by Randy and Mary Pyle and they operate lady luck charters. My uncle captains this boat. Lady Luck charters provides some of the best fishing in Prince William Sound.

  2. Most rugged truck for the most rugged state!
    VDZ is Home!!

  3. Great Ad by the way.
    Good job Guys.
    Valdez sure is pretty.

    Freeze at 0:23. And read the fine print.
    It says, Assumes there is a driver. HAHAHAHA

  4. Was just in Valdez on Labor Day 2010 visiting from MI. I saw this commercial and wondered if this was Valdez. The Bridal Veil falls at the end proved it! I have a pic of me standing beneath it. Valdez is beautiful!

  5. @kisauer
    Me too, what is up Kyle?- Your friendly local heli-ski guide

  6. The fog was go bad we couldn’t get much arial shots.

  7. I worked on this commercial! Great director!!!!

  8. Sweet! Thought you guys were going to tow that boat up Thompson Pass?

  9. My Home Town. Valdez, Alaska! I drive a ford by the way.

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