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Chevrolet Volt Concept

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  1. Nope, F&^K OFF GM, Bring back the EV1, A%^HOLES

  2. I thought I remembered hearing that this car was going to be on the market by 2010? Am I missing something here? I haven’t seen any of these on the street. Did I miss their introduction? Are they on the street? If not, when they are on the market, will the public be able to buy them in mass, or will they be leased out to a sellect few, then be ripped out of their hands later on when the lease runs out? Is this another eco friendly carrot being dangled in front of everybody’s eyes alaEV1?

  3. @sh3ikXI GM is not only a Stock that you can buy…

  4. @mooserman911 back when they were publicly traded their original share holders ended up with nothing and that cuppled with their gov. loan (they borrowed way too much) and to me its hard to see anything good about the GM name. Oh Yeah their offering preferred stock to any1 pretty soon, but that turns back into common stock in 2-3 years. So if your a long term investor theirs no point.

  5. @ts0yep And you think that ford didn’t get a bailout? Oh they did alright. a $23 billion dollar one. idiots…

  6. @bonds911 ok you ****** little **** talkin in bad engliss. Learn to spell right and how to stop being stupid. The volt is like no oter vehicle out there. The prius is not like the volt at all and the leaf is an electric joke. the price that the leaf comes with extra is the cost of a second car to go over 100 miles.

  7. @sh3ikXI Why is that?

  8. If it didn’t have the GM name I’d be all over this, even at 40,000+, but to me GM is synonymous with failure.

  9. @chicagoelectricbicyc It did. They crushed them all.

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