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Did GM really start going downhill after they dumped the Vega and the Chevette?

Bill Spry asked:

The muffler bearings.

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  1. OH man, I had a Vega Panel Wagon. Loved that little car.

  2. Chevette?


    You must have gotten laid quite a bit with that car

  3. Khan Noonien SIngh

    Chevy Chevette will drive you happy…

  4. You hit the nail on the head!

  5. My friend had a Vega and the engine blew at 30,000. I had a Pontiac Phoenix that was a piece of crap

  6. Muffler bearings? Are those the things that GM intentionally put in there to cause those annoying rattles from the factory?

  7. GM started going downhill when they started making inferior automobiles. It took the people awhile to see it, but they did and began buying better made cars from Honda and Toyota. Anyone interested in a $70,000 Hummer:)

  8. I had a chevette to and my ariel sharpener kept breaking and my glove box filter kept getting clogged

  9. I find it odd that the newer, supposedly more efficient and supposedly better, cars, still get less (by a good margin) mileage than an old none computerized chevette.
    Yea, those muffler bearings are a b*tch. lol

  10. Look at the SEC filings for the last 20+ years. Loss of market share and revenue year after year after year. Let’s be honest billion dollar plus losses don’t sneak up on anyone.
    As a current owner of both a Honda and GM product I assure you had GM not gone bankrupt I would never have bought another GM vehicle ever anyway.
    I have a side by side comparison running of GM and a Honda. From day one the GM car was a problem. power steering, water pump, alternator and cruise control to name a few. No problems whatsoever with the Honda. Both are the same age and both were bought new.

  11. Libs, almost as smart as lint

    Muffler bearings? Is that like blinker fluid?

  12. Maybe it was the Aztec?
    or Cimmeron?
    or Corvair Truck
    or H1
    or 4-6-8 Caddy in the 80’s
    or …..

    Feel free to ad a few

  13. it has been in a downhill spiral since 1971..smog and unrealistic safety regulations destroyed america

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