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Mazda Furai Concept w/ rotary sound/

isherher asked:

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  2. expect the next rx-7 to have some of this styling.

  3. Wow the whining revvdown at the end of the video sounds like…like…damn! I don’t have any point of reference to describe it. Calling it similar to a jet turbine would be insulting it. Personally, this is THE most awesome sound I’ve ever heard from a fossil fuel burning powerplant.

  4. @Pupixario lol that’e exactly what i thought of too when i first heard it.

  5. i hope the big wigs at BP aren’t driving that. they’ll need all the
    Gulf water that thing can take to run it.

  6. that sounds like my farts

  7. i could listen to this thing all day haha a nice rotary is like nothing else

  8. @melbeast64 because it has a rotary engine and you can change gear at 9000rpm 🙂 Thats pretty good!

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