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Mitsubishi Evo X: Faster than the Evo IX? – by Inside Line

InsideLineVideo asked:

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  1. ambernicoleroberson

    Evo 9 is the ****!

  2. Given Evo x And Evo 9,In terms of speed, weight Which Car Will You Guy Prefer?

  3. covermewithaleaf33

    ive got in a accident in my evo8 and 9 🙁 my brakes faild and i rear ended someone in my 8 and i got rear ended in my 9 🙁 i scared to get a evo x lol

  4. evo my love

  5. @Liechengsos1 And jeremy is not a professional driver, he probably above average due to amount of cars he has driven but in terms of him compared to a touring car driver he is significantly worse and slower. The lambo was also 4 wheel drive, and in the end it spun out in a corner.

  6. the fq400 is only sold in the united kingdom though you can’t buy one of them here

  7. i want one of these soooo bad!!!

  8. @TroIIin yea hes serious, it was on top gear and hilarious, the main host «jeremy?» was driving the evo 8 and the professional «touring» driver was driving the lambo, and the lambo was going to fast and understeered while the evo 8 just took every corner perfect.

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