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Police vs Mitsubishi Lancer Evo in Hungary

boti84 asked:

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  1. signals are important: safety first .lol

  2. @1993heavenshallburn
    that culda been why he crashed, lmao waiting on vlog upload…

  3. @mistahbtheoryz nah u can out run the choppa u just need a seriously fast car (at least 500hp +) and alot of road but ur rite bout that evo

  4. The police are fuckin psychos drivin on wrong side of road…that Wouldn’t happen in UK..Coppa Choppa job init.. No way of outrunning a choppa…
    Evo driver is a *** for rolling it too what a waste

  5. fuck the police!!!
    GO EVo GO!!!!!

  6. Its better to signal, so you can tell the people in front of you to get the **** outta my way

  7. @1993heavenshallburn ya when i c lights idk what it is but i just drop it in thrid and take off while my bud gets out the came lmao

  8. 1993heavenshallburn

    it would have been kinda cooler if it wasnt a police camera, but the bad guys camera.
    «hey guys, i’m vlogging here, adn i d like to say that yeah, i’m trying to get away from the police right now, as you can see…» xD

  9. hehe erre lakok
    picséba nem látszik a házunk

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