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What Makes the Chevrolet Volt a Better Electric Vehicle?

chevrolet asked:

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  1. I love Jolt.

  2. @davepamn not much of a test. i hope you buy one. Have you figured out the shelf life for these vehicles yet? When the battery is over, so is it’s life. No one will spend 10k for a new battery on an 8 year old car.

  3. @davepamn then why are they only making 10,000 vehicles, you claim they had 150,000 orders. Doesn’t make one bit of sense. As far as testing, look at the long line of recalls on vehicles with new technology and the Volt is loaded with new technology. There is a reason only 10,000 will be made, they aren’t sure of their own technology.

  4. @davepamn Idaho National Library to test Plug-in Hybrids

    The PHEV are driven in real world conditions through out the city of Seattle: Cities, counties, ports, utilities, and colleges, 14 out 30 demo cars were tested.

  5. Advanced Vehicle Testing Activity suggest that PHEV will work reliably. Volt falls within the class of PHEV and should performed without serious flaw.

  6. They found a way to make the Edsel electronic, amazing.

  7. @VidBloggerMI What do you love about it?

  8. @davepamn they are only making 10,000 the first year because they are expecting problems with the car. They want to fix these problems before ramping up production. In other words, they are expecting repairs. By the way, these cars are not simple, you have an electric motor, a generator and a gasoline engine, all new technology. I can promise you, your car has a good chance of ending up being recalled or repaired often. I hope you have other transportation.

  9. @davepamn popular? Hell, a trip on the Titanic was popular too. When people figure out their cars will be worthless in 8 years, it might not be so popular. I hope you buy one.

  10. Teslas CEO said the LEAF battery pack uses a “much more primitive level of technology” . This comes down mainly to the thermal management system, or the technology used to keep the battery within a healthy temperature range. Tesla and GM use active liquid thermal control, while the LEAF pack uses an air cooling system. As a result, the LEAF pack will have temperatures “all over the place,” causing it to suffer “huge degradation” in cold environments and basically “shut off” in hot environments.

  11. Love the Volt!

  12. @hopeurfree I make you own choice independant of your derogatory remarks.

  13. 150,000 people have placed reserved orders for the Volt. Volt will be popular.

    Suppose BYD sold the F6DM, today. Would you buy it? The F6DM EV hybrid could sale for less than 30k and it has a 250 mile battery range.

  14. @davepamn You do know that in 8 years the car will be worthless, don’t you? The price of a new battery will be approximately $10,000. Who would buy your car, who would invest 10k for a new battery in an 8-9 or 10 year old car? Go ahead and be a dumb ass, buy one.

  15. @davepamn It looks to me like the price of crap has gone from 15k to 41k. I hope you buy one, so you will remember these words I posted when you sell it.

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