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All new Audi A8 2011 Production and Quality Plant

autotuningnews asked:

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  1. thank you china and us for buying these cars.

  2. ergebnis i.O


  3. ad test drive: Take Kia’s factory in Slovakia for an instance. They make Cee’d, which is mass produced small car (same size as A3). Before shipping out they test main systems and drive it around their test track. Every single one of them and they are cheaper than the cheapest Audi in production – and I mean like half the price cheaper.

    So believe it. Audi test every car. Just the rutine is different for different models.

  4. coche encantador

  5. ingloriousbasterd22

    ?coja estos anuncios publicitarios!!!

  6. No 2011 Idiot 2010.

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