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Mitsubishi i

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  1. iMotoringNetworks

    Mitsubishi i in Hong Kong

  2. how can he not like the exaust sound?

  3. When demand out-strips supply for Oil ! It is «silly» cars like the Misubishi i MEV and Nissan Leaf are the cars we will have to drive ! I´m buying one ! MEV ! Why wait for another Oil Crisis !??!!! Foolish man !!!

  4. I love your car!

  5. They came in at less than 5k because they were used. That is obviously the first gen Smart.

  6. He is bullshit.Smart cost close 8 K .

  7. how the duce did he get two smart’s for just under 5k…

  8. works with 2 AA battery

  9. wait?? its not electric?

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