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  1. Hey! Since when did a band do a song about my car?

  2. how high was you when you all thought this up, its great

  3. he tells you in the description

  4. awesome the song fits your car but you have a door lol

  5. what cinda car do u get that does this!?

  6. XD is funny, my choir class is going to sing that song XD

  7. its REAL fun to blast this song in a brown-ish/rust colored Chevy Blazer and see all the looks u get ^^

  8. I have to admit, very funny video. Brings back old memories of the rusty old Plymouth grand voyager I used to drive around, and believe it or not, that voyager had more rust on it than your car.

  9. lmfao!! lol my friend told me to look at this and its hularious!!

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