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Chevrolet Traverse Video Review – Kelley Blue Book’s Review of the Chevy

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  1. 2011 mitsubishi outlander sport has better gas mileage 23/31

  2. oh no no thank,,,
    i dont like this chevy traverse SUV,,,
    1 – how come this traverse do not have 2 amber yellow lights on the rear taillights for turning sign and emergency parking lot,,,
    2 – traverse is a poor design

  3. carmencolumbusohio

    I have owned my Traverse for over 9 months and i have to admit it… «My names Carmen and im a Traverse-a-holic» lol. I love this truck/crossover! Excellent quality and no road noise even at 85+mph on the highway LOL.

  4. I went to Rochester, NY in my new Traverse. It is a beast on the highway. This is one vehicle that you will enjoy driving on the highway long distance.

  5. JeremyFuhenstasser


    Europe has the best trucks. Daimler has Freightliners which are huge diesel trucks. The US has no counterpart.

    i was going to new york just this past thursday with my traverse and i had to fill up once it was past the half way mark by a little and it cost $37. it’s amazing for long distance drives (My version is the LTZ)

  7. @MrColdStove well it matters how far your work is from your house because my mom does about $30 a week

  8. I purchased the Traverse LT-2 AWD, a few months ago. I have to put in $60 to $70 in gas every week. The car takes up 23mpg hwy/ 16 or 17 city. The car rides great. Depending on how much driving you do. The Traverse is about a 1′ foot shorter than the Tahoe, but it rides better.

  9. very very good looking car beats honda and toyota…well anything beats honda and toyota!

  10. i have the same problem. i have it for one month and it leaks oil in my driveway. Sad part about it is that i have 560 miles on it.

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