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2008 SEMA – 2010 Chevrolet Camaro

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  1. CAMARO all the way…

  2. Nothing beats a nice clean black car, i believe the Black Camaro is the best out of the others shown in the video.

  3. MikeyLOVESkateboard

    @jnsleeper1 are you a man or a woman?..if a man get manual, if your a woman get auto

  4. am buying a v6 over the summer. should i get manual or auto

  5. The new 2010 Camaro looks sweet..I love my 2002 35th anniversary Z28, but this thing is awesome…But always my first love will be a 1977-78 Pontiac Trans Am 6.6
    Just like Smokey & the Bandit

  6. @ftbllespn CAMARO

  7. CAMARO!!! DUR

  8. whats better? CAMARO or MUSTANG?

  9. @fullfunk with all the taxes the price will rise to 80.000 or more…

  10. @
    bundoranboy1: no doubt the 430 is a classic. But moneywise, the camaro is very desirable if you are average dude like myself. I can only dream of ferraris. So the Camaro muscle car is a good alternative to the Italian supercar unattainable.

  11. wow the camaro is a vry nice car!!!

  12. i actually prefer that to a f430 which is ma fav car

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