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  1. @XHouseSlipperX LOL ahahahahah ROFL

    you idiot hahahahahaha, fat chance you are going to be in a shoot out, and yes you definitly grab the first door and run with it so you can shield yourself…
    When will ppl understend that POWERRANGERS arent real…

    Love the car bytheway, i had a dream, more a vision, once, when i was a kid, it was this car :S in 2007 when i t came out, i was like WTF, its the car from my dream, its perfect!
    just need to be electric 😛

  2. leninhitlerjuanpablo

    Beautiful. Its a lame that Mazda has changed their design philosophy recently and models with lines like this never will be on the streets…

  3. @desposyy It makes people invest into the company, giving it more money to actually make those concepts a reality.
    And some of the concepts are a «soon out» cars, so some people might even pre-purchase the car, and have it first :O

  4. wen is this car launched?

  5. more like ryugly i like the furai and thats it

  6. Just watched Mazda, Mitsubishi, Toyota~

    Everyone **** Supra =.=


  8. @Deamarus ok it is important they have a test bed for these kind if things, but they can do two things to mean they waste less money during this process. A) use the current or future models that they are actually going to use instead of trapping resources in something pointless and B) actually produce some of them as they are shown in the magazines, use the fact you’ve got a stunning concept car as a tool to build up hype then produce the actual, not just produce the same rubbish over again.

  9. Along with race car development (where things such as dynamic stability control and traction control were developed, now found in regular cars), this is where alot of r&d into possibly implementing new technologies is carried out. Without such projects, you would never see any new technologies reach production stage, at least here, u might see it in a decade.

  10. What if there was a shoot out how are you going use the doors as a shield. lol

  11. the side looks like a vantage

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