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Tim Minchin: Mitsubishi Colt

TimMinchinLive asked:

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  1. This man makes me want to learn to play the piano.

  2. viridismonasteriense

    The music’s so haunting and unsettling, brooding, like a growing menace. It’s just perfect to the story he’s telling. Amazing fingers. Great work. Wow. Minchin rocks.

  3. NewDirectionsGirl

    I keep replaying the homo bit… hehe

  4. @ IanHoopz

    the Elton John song is ‘Song for Guy’

  5. @ IamHoopz

    the Elton John song is ‘Song for Guy’

  6. Just out of interest, what is the Elton John song that he starts to play?

  7. «‘Who am I to say where you come and where you go in the privacy of your own homo. Ahaha, homo! Ahaha, homo! Ahahahaha’ >:|»
    That made me lmfao xD

  8. @Kay10en I think it was 4 sangers…

  9. the 4 dislikes are retarded

  10. @mattias624 me too! they sold out like everywhere near me&i am SO gutted! ]:

  11. love his stuff!! i wish i could go to his performance in adelaide but they sold out 🙁

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