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IzhAvto – Kia Spectra Police Version

IzhAvto made a number of cars for police stations of Udmurtia

By: rimskijpapo

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  1. at least this can catch all the vw rabbits and trablants!

  2. rimskijpapo:Yeah that’s it..So ??? is like a Highway Patrol then.

  3. Maybe you mean words ??????? and ???? Yes, every patrol car has words ???????, but cars from road department have word ??? on hood and trunk, which mean road patrol department.I don`t know, what car was in that film, but foreign moviemakers often distort russian reality, because they don`t have enough information and there is no need to do this or there are scenario requirements – to show reality in a necessary perspective.

  4. I know they write POLICE as M,backwards N,cursive r,backwards N, U with a tail,backwards N,backwards R..But what dept is ANC? I saw these same words on a chase scene in The Borne Supremacy movie..I thought all the Russian cop cars had RAN on the hood and trunk.

  5. ?? ?????? ?????)

  6. And also there is Tiger

  7. Russian police cars are not all KIAs or Volgas, you should see the FSB agent’s cars…

  8. PULL OVER! I dont think so!

  9. Worse cars in police – better for drivers:)

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