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Mazda Furai – Real Video

TheBrothersGrinn asked:

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  1. Top!
    Dr John

  2. @theodorbrinch i want to see it in a car show about cars..

  3. Oooo!!! Laguna Seca!

  4. why make a commercial and a car this good if you’re not going to sell it?

  5. stunningly beautiful

  6. @qotsaandsoadfan1 What you don’t know is they both were designed by the same guy. Most supercars Of the past twenty years have originated from a single mind. Later these designs were submitted to various companies to be built. The Mazda Sky engine was designed eight years ago along with the 16X. I am retiring from this and writing movies/TV series/video games/books/songs/inventing ect…I wrote Back To The Future when I was seven!

  7. @MistahRandum I’m still scared of it.

  8. i was there when they were filming this, its so nice

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