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Nissan GT-R vs Mitsubishi Evo FQ-400 iMOTOR test

iMOTORTV asked:

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25 Comentarios

  1. i would take the evo but if i had to choose between the skyline r34 and the evo 8 i would take the skyline

    and NO that gtr is NOT a skyline

  2. @krakmxer ummm it is part of the skyline range you dipshit looooooool!

  3. stop trying to be funny and review these fucking cars

  4. Gotta get The Stig.

  5. @drowningfishes111 the best car obiously gtr , those guys doesn’t know drive it

  6. @utubenz576 I-think-the-evo-is-better….Your-looking-at-400BHP-VS480BHP?-The-evo-can-outhandle-it.-The-evo-has-a-better-launch.-And-i’m-sure-around-the-track-it-can-win.

  7. take it to the track (circuit)

  8. You hit a fucking cone with the Evo. You gotta do it over, retard.

  9. stupid car review..
    noob abouy car…

  10. drowningfishes111

    I dont claim to be a great driver, but these guys certainly arent the best picks to test them, compare the price of the evo to the price of the GTR, i think id rather the evo for that matter, 3 tests definitely isnt enough to determine which is a better car.

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