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High class images of the evolution of a high class car, the new Audi A8.

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25 Comentarios

  1. P-E-R-F-E-C-T

  2. Audi, amazing job, CONGRATULATION!!!! this is what i’m telling to everyone and this is the truth of German engineering, to threat a car like a person and do it like nobody can. again, CONGRATULATION!!!! I LOVE YOU AUDI :P

  3. Seriously, Audi have some really good looking backlights

  4. It´s great.
    I really like the music. It fits perfect to the film. I think it was written by a German composer called Matthias Gollwitzer.
    WELL DONE!!!

  5. Absolut schönes Video über die Entstehung eines Premiumautos! Audi = super Marke!

  6. Das schönste “Autovideo” das ich je gesehen habe!

  7. It’s amazing! Well done AUDI, congratulation.

  8. Perfect indeed. Great job Audi, i can see the amount of effort and concentration you’ve put into making this car. Just by looking at it, i can tell it’s got everything a family saloon car should have… and extra.

  9. Omg, it’s so great!

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