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Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR

mistaxray asked:

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  • evo ix mr ficha tecnica

7 Comentarios

  1. SUCH a beautiful car no joke man god daym!

  2. @wakesake Agreed. Its like saying guys & Shopping…. lol

  3. awsome ad, amazing car, Black EVOs look sinister!

  4. girls & cars the 2 just DONT mix

  5. Everyone call this ricer! its a owner of a 95 civic that thinks hes faster then all EVO’s. Dont forget to mention EVO’s hell put em down! His names JOSE! His EVO killer is for sale. So give him a run for his Money 😉

    (203) 560 2824

  6. dude i have this car in my driveway right now its white and black rims ……….i love it

  7. @Aznkhangsta amen brother

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