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Peugeot 3008 Crossover

By: worldcarfans

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  1. Peugeot makes good looking cars. I have never driven any of them but i heard so many people complaining about the **** quality… Peugeots are nice but i think Citroens are much more attractive once it’s almost the same technology:)

  2. Bad, bad commercial, makes no sense, isnt funny, just plain stupid.

  3. eduardocolinresendiz

    PEUGEOT is just PRETENDING to build Crossovers. The new 3008? What a piece of crap!!!
    Next time do it better, especially if you want to sell in the America a lot of these »crossovers» !! Don’t you see the competition in this market????

  4. @tomg0091 I really think Americans would like these cars, they’re slick and traditional. How my compatriots love those ugly, abstract designed Asian cars is beyond me.

  5. @zbake11 It’s probably because most American’s wouldn’t appreciate the styling of a Peugeot. I own a Peugeot myself, and even though they are quite popular in Australia it takes a particular person to like them.

  6. the best comercials are the ones of cars and beer 😀

  7. Why can people not actually write properly? Poor spelling negates any chance of anyone taking your comment seriously otherwise.

    It just makes you look a ****.

  8. my friend has this car and is good like if u were glasses and u forgot to bring them in front of u there’s a lenze place

  9. waw what a beautiful song !!
    ps. the car is crappy..

  10. this reminds me of nissan dualis/qashqai commercial

  11. Liqudi architecture – something to love 😉

  12. The tailgate idea for a car is pretty cool!

  13. what is the name of song?

  14. soccer moms car

  15. Since before the US… Renault is older than any of the current US brands…

  16. I have had my Peugeot 3008 for about three weeks now. And i LOVE it! I also own a Jeep Commander and a Ford Kuga. Compared to these two the Peugeot offers better handling, comfort and fuel economy. I got the Peugeot 3008 1.6 HDI with EMG (automatic) and my usual fuel consumption lies between 0,45 – 0,38 (pr 10km)

    The last week we have been getting snow around here and the Grip control (ASR+) actually works! (I had my doubts about that one..)

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