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Overview: 2011 Chevrolet Volt

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  1. @Warpath2198 Yes..I was WRONG. But GM were WRONG to kill the EVO 1 !! That why Toyota sells m thousand of hyrids and GM sells how many EVO 1 ?? I was right ! GM is playing catch up now !! More fool GM !! I I hope the film » Who Killed the Electric Car?!» Teaches GM they need to lead NOT just follow !! I hope the Volt is the start !!

  2. wait till the day you wake up and you can’t buy gasoline. you won’t be able to buy an electric car at any price. this car will look cheap. fail to plan? or plan to fail?

  3. they once said that about Toyoda.

  4. @davisgreen2020 WRONG, GM was messing with electric cars long before Toyota. Toyota made theirs because they assumed GM would put out a hybrid. I read about Hybrids like the EVO 1 back in the mid 90’s.

  5. @uoyuoy444 a couple problems with this car. EXPENSIVE which makes it not competitive. Its made by GM which means your car will explode head gaskets or **** a transmission at around 130k-150k. Even the hybrids are stupid. It will take the average driver over 5 years just to get his money back in fuel costs. Hybrids and electric cars are just stupid until they can make it competitive.

  6. @uoyuoy444 Because RELIABILITY wins, not mpg. Last time I checked, Honda is one reliable car company.

  7. Well done GM ! It was about time they did this car ! Toyota has 12 year head start so make more of these car fast !!!!!

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