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  1. SHAYTARDS where driving one in their resent vlog

  2. or you could get a pathfinder for 27k and it really gets 22 mpg,not just the wishful thinking estimate from the biased epa that underrates jap wagons and over rates gm and the v6 nissan has plenty of power

  3. see my video response

  4. I would never pay so much for a tahoe

  5. @sexyboi142 You’ve said even less about cars… and believe me, I care about the environment, but I said that a year ago–and it was mostly in an effort to illustrate that although the hybrid tahoe still doesn’t have terrific mpg, it could save people a tiny bit of money at the pump.

  6. @colin82793 you haven’t said **** about cars! and this all started with you saying you don’t care how much ur car pollutes which is fucked up since not only you have to breath this air but also ur kids you dipshit

  7. @sexyboi142 Yup, okay. I’m not old, I text a lot on my crackberry, and my job is at a dealership. You haven’t argued a single point about cars, so I don’t know how you could possibly begin to judge my knowledge of cars… Hope you have plenty more bad days, fucker

  8. @colin82793 ok since im hving a bad day here goes. . .OBVIOUSLY don’t txt, or keep up with short phrase messaging/typing. You’re probably some fat old bloke sitting on his computer all day because he doesn’t have a fucking life, you don’t know **** about car! You think you do but sadly im pretty DAMN sure you’ve been proven wrong multiple times! YET YOU STILL FUCKIN TRY!

    What you need to do is get off your fat lazy **** getting a fucking job, get a fucking life and move the **** on!

  9. @sexyboi142 You misspelled «boy» in your fucking username. Don’t be surprised when people infer that you’re illiterate.

  10. it is about the money but its moore about style . Id buy this car because its a head turner its the ish lol

  11. @colin82793 ….illiterate my ass

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