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Top Gear – Mazda RX8 – BBC

BBCWorldwide asked:

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  1. if your complaining about your car doing something wrong.. then fix it! stop saying it needs this it needs that!!!! if its twitchy on wet roads cause of the tires get new tires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Clustrophobic the rx7 was ment 2b an exotic sports car, exclusive, @ the luxury level of porsches, bmws, and some Ferraris. the rx8 is better because it is for every1 and is 1 of the best tuner cars of all time. there r so many aftermarket parts and modifications for this car (’03 to 09 and remake). the only downside is Mazda never released rx8 w/ turbos like they did w/ some generation/editions of rx7 but there r GREAT turbo kits from HKS, GReddy, etc.

  3. @Clustrophobic agree rx8 is a hairdressers car compared to the FD and it’s 13B-REW. But you can’t blame them, it’s due to the US (California) Emission regulations, and now the EU emmisions have forced Mazda to stop selling the RX8 in EU.

    The FD will be the last performance rotary mazda will mass produce, it was better than it’s porsche rivals as evidenced by their victories in the 12 hour endurance series here in Aus, they won 4 years in a row, bah to people who say rotarys are unreliable.

  4. rx8 = disgrace!!!!! cant even compete agaisnt its older brother rx7

  5. @eduardpqek1 performance

  6. lol 2.2 kids

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