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New Kia Cerato walkaround

Just bought our new 2010 Kia Cerato (Forte). This video just quickly shows the interior and some of the features of our new car. Will probably upload some more driving videos later. This is the Australian model with the SLI spec. 17/7 wheels, climate control, 6 airbags, traction control, ESP, ABS, EBD, 2L 4 cylinder.

By: obts10

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  1. @rontonkinkia
    Just the same look dumbass

  2. @MrPichiyou hola en perú está 16 000 dólares

  3. I got a bright silver SLi when it first become available in 09. Awesome car, and a great drive. I still get a buzz when I see another on the road and get a wave from the other driver as you still dont see many around. Love the fact I can connect my iPhone via the cable (it was cheaper for me to ask a hyundai dealer for an i30 ipod cable rather my Kia dealership BTW – not sure why) with full music control via steering wheel.

  4. this car is 60 million pesos in colombia,, 35 thousand dollars..

  5. we have a silver cerato… awesome car

  6. @deedundone the heat or air with my left hand lol, ill kill someone!!!!!!!

  7. .i used to be like well if thats what your used to or want to drive, but then i was just looking in your car and i relize that everything is absolutly backward lol, im not shitfting, changning the radio or adjusting

  8. darn it…..deleted my previous comment……… anyways love the car, and KIA. they seem to be turning out some fairly decent cars. not that i dont like Nissan however, they have totally destroyed my favorite van. i just cant believe how ugly they have made the quest since 2000………. anyways mentioned earlier how odd a right hand drive vehice actually seems………

  9. i just got one, a titanium gray! i love it.

  10. OMG! I have the exact same shirt as you do and I just got my white Cerato a couple of months ago. ROFL!!!

  11. cant see much difference what so ever between the 2009 SLI and the 2010 SLI if any.

    look at the build date and see if it is 2010

    note car produces 115K.
    have had mine for nearly a year now over 26000kms

    5 year unlimited KM warranty, now that is a way to back your product. however value diminishing still quite severe

    major problem with car is only 52l fuel tank should of sacrificed a little boot space for a 60 litre

    Traction control!

    red light from dash ***** should be able to change it

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